365 Marketing Meditations

365 Marketing Meditations – Daily Lessons for Marketing & Communications Professionals este o carte scrisa de Richard Levick si Larry Smith, amandoi capi de trib la Lecick Strategic Communications (au facut campanii pentru multinationale de renume, de la Napster la Biserica Catolica – daca puteam zice asa).
Si, cand stateau ei asa gandindu-se la o viitoare campanie care-i va tine inca 5 ani pe plajele din Bali, le-a venit o idee. Hai sa facem o carte plina cu pilde si sfaturi de prin domeniu. Si hai sa o facem misto.
Si le-a iesit.
Avem o carte pe care o termini in 6 drumuri de metrou Piata Sudului – Piata Romana. 

Imi place sa cred ca am invatat:
– changing times have forever altered the very definition of marketing (afirmatie care-si merita jignirea de truism avand in vedere evolutia online-ului)
– this book of 365 daily meditations is really 366 daily meditations. So we’re actually over-delivering on what we’ve promised That’s a basic rule of marketing, after all.
– Honor the rule of st. First, biggest, fastest, best. There is no rule of nd.
– Repeat your message over and over. Reach and repetition is the key. Reach and repetition is the key.
– marketing is about penetrating markets.
– market to the buyer’s need, not the seller’s ego (pacat ca in Romania se practica serios si cum nu e indicat)
– there are two answers to every question: a solution or an excuse.
– learn to say no. It beats the heck out of a yes you can’t deliver.
– market like a mountain climber. Don’t look where you don’t want to go.
– return all calls same day, period. Exceptions are as follows: none.
– Make them market your marketing.
– don’t say I feel…, say I think…
La o astfel de carte, ultimul citat trebuie sa fie exceptional. In schimb am dat peste un cliseu arhifolosit. Nu merita zis. Oricum, asta nu schimba faptul ca este o lectura lejera care merita citita macar cu 30% atentie.
Abadi, abadi, abadi, aba: That’s all Folks!
Mihai Titirig

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